Managed IT Services

From data backups and network management to security and cloud services, Luwaay has you covered.

With your organization’s reliance on IT, you need to have a plan to safeguard your business from the devastating consequences of data loss. Data loss threats can be as simple as user error, hardware failure, security breaches, theft, or weather-related complications such as lightning strikes or flooding. But even simple threats can cause massive losses. The team at Luwaay can put a backup and data recovery plan in place to ensure your company is protected against data loss and can rapidly regain operations in case of disaster, minimizing loss due to downtime or lost data.


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man talking in the meeting
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man in black shirt wearing black headphones
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Luwaay becomes an extension of your business by supporting your daily operations and ongoing IT services with on-premise and cloud server maintenance, onsite help, and Hyper-visor, SAN, and VMware assistance

Our endpoint management services include managing and securing your network's full spectrum of devices. Luwaay provides endpoint protection and encryption, security DNS servers, and backup support as hybrid workforces gain popularity

Luwaay’s managed services include virtualization, allowing you to leverage the benefits of virtualizing without the substantial costs of training and staffing a team of in-house experts. We ensure your virtual management systems operate at peak efficiency.

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two women sitting at a table looking at a computer screen
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Solve hardware issues, decrease IT costs, and keep employees on track with our onsite IT support

Luwaay’s managed services for servers include 24/7 proactive monitoring and response to security threats, enhanced infrastructure efficiency, and up-to-date operating systems to maintain the most effective security posture.

Your technology should work seamlessly with you to help you achieve your business goals. At Luwaay, our IT consulting solutions aim to support your short and long-term goals in the most effective way possible to help you run your business more smoothly.

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woman in gray and white striped long sleeve shirt using silver macbook
  • Managed Spam Filtering And Protection
    Anti-spam filters check your emails against industry-standard and your specifically defined criteria for spam and virus controls. Inbound and outbound items that fail these checks are quarantined and not delivered to reduce dangerous and unnecessary email and prevent the distribution of malware, spam and viruses to your contacts.

  • Automated Maintenance
    Scheduled automatic maintenance happens behind the scenes and keeps systems up-to-date, while minimizing downtime.

  • Incident Notification And Remediation
    We provide notification of incidents that may occur in your environment and proactively recommend actions for remediation.

  • License Management
    Our managed IT solution provides management of all of your licenses seamlessly, freeing you up to manage your business.

  • Managed Anti-Malware
    Anti-malware thwarts attacks that would penetrate standard antivirus software. Anti-malware defends before, contains during, and helps remediate after an incident. It constantly tracks programs, so you know exactly what’s running where and when across your endpoints and sends alerts if a program suddenly turns malicious.

  • Service Delivery Manager
    Provides project management and acts as a liaison between our clients and internal resources for services needed outside of regular help desk support.

  • Strategic IT planning
    This service, based on your priorities, ensures that you have the proactive strategic and budgetary guidance to align your IT planning with your business needs.

  • Quarterly Business Reviews
    We meet together regularly to keep the lines of communication open and ensure that we’re doing the things you need to help your business succeed. This includes reviews of your technical road map and budget planning.

  • Managed Employee Awareness Training
    When it comes to cybersecurity, users can be the weakest link. By training your team to learn how to identify and recognize common threats, how to protect your company information and understand their role in the security of the business, you can significantly reduce the possibility of your greatest asset becoming your weakest link. This includes custom reporting, ongoing monthly learning modules and custom simulated phishing attacks keeping cybersecurity top-of-mind.

  • vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)
    Your Virtual Chief Information Officer blends deep understanding of your environment, the findings of your Technical Alignment Manager and the vast knowledge of current IT trends to provide actionable, strategic guidance and budgeting to be sure your technology strategy aligns with your business goals.

  • TAM (Technical Alignment Manager)
    Your Technical Alignment Manager learns and maintains a detailed knowledge of your specific infrastructure, identifying possible risks and keeping an eye on your overall IT environment. Your TAM regularly schedules on-site or virtual visits and performs proactive services to keep your environment healthy, secure and efficient.

  • Service Desk
    Your technical issues are handled by a dedicated support staff that provides all the benefits of an enterprise-grade IT support help desk but with the attention, care and urgency that you would expect from your own in-house team.

  • Managed Servers Including Disaster Recovery
    Our enterprise-grade server services keep your servers patched, updated and running at lightning-fast speeds. With managed disaster recovery included, your data is backed up properly, verified and can be restored in a matter of minutes, making business continuity and disaster recovery easier.

  • Managed Network
    You need a network that is reliable and free of bottlenecks, congestion, performance issues and failures. Our network services keep your network available, fast and capable of handling the demands of your environment including remote workers and cloud computing.

  • Managed Workstations With Automated Patching
    You need your workstations to be secure, up-to-date and working efficiently. With automated patching, vulnerabilities are closed and updates applied without downtime. We monitor the health of your devices, and plan ahead for upgrades, replacements and asset disposition.

  • Automated Monitoring
    Our automated tools and systems monitor your IT environment 24/7, notifying us of unusual activity, so that we can act quickly to minimize the impact.

  • Email Support
    You need mail systems that are efficient, available and meeting the needs of your business; keeping employees and customers connected wherever they are located. We handle day-to-day technical issues as well as big-picture considerations to keep employees and clients connected.

  • Managed DNS-Based Protection
    Domain Name Services (DNS) are addresses used by the internet to locate different web sites. DNS-based protection ensures that the address you think you are going to is legitimate and has not been compromised before you get there. It protects against phishing attacks and can protect mobile users on and off your local network.

Our Comprehensive Managed IT Services Also Includes:

Why Choose Luwaay for Your Managed IT Services?

As an Always-On client, Luwaay offers a unique approach to business technology by providing proactive and hassle-free managed IT services. We will take time to know your business, assess and optimize your current IT infrastructure to align with your business goals. We leverage our expertise to help you implement the most cutting-edge technology to run your business effectively. Our managed IT services cover everything from planning to implementation and ongoing management, so we’ll never leave you hanging. Let us take care of your technology so you can focus on what you do best.